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Dear friends,

allow us to introduce to you in short the Antonín Švehla Society.

A civic association “Společnost Antonína Švehly“ (further on the SAŠ) is a non-governmental and non-political organization, founded on the 7th of April, 2003.

Enhancement of a citizens` common knowledge of Antonín Švehla`s historic importance was set as a main goal of the SAŠ. In a concrete form the focus of the SAŠ integrates the following activities:

- cultural and public educational, i.e. an arrangement of commmemorative programs, marking of a tourist track called Švehlova cesta (the Švehla Route) in Hostivař, a regular newsletter edition, opening of one`s own pages on the internet, giving lectures at schools occasionally, making of the bulletin boards, a cooperation with the nonprofit organizations and with the Local Authority of the City district Prague 15

- documentary, i.e. a collection of historical sources, an assemblage for a library directed to the life period of Antonín Švehla, staging the exhibitions, putting notice boards on display at schools, building up a commemorative hall, resp a museum institution

- of study, i.e. organizing the expert lectures, seminars and conferences, a cooperation with the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University, the T G Masaryk Society, the Edvard Beneš Society and the National Museum of Agriculture.

Among the prospective aims of the Society, that has already won a media attention, belongs for example a high-professional-standards film documentary creation about a personality of a co-founder of the Czechoslovakia. As well, the endeavour will be made to include in a general curriculum for the primary and secondary schools rather a more comprehensive information on a political and other work of the figure we are proud to praise.

One of the SAŠ founding members is Mr Pavel Černý, MA, graduate in history at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University in Prague. Pavel Černý, MA, has stayed in chairmanship of the SAŠ permanently from the time of its origin.

The Švehla Society is a nonprofit special-interest club opened free to all the supporters who would identify with its ideals and aspirations and be willing to help us in our tasks.

We have been a society successfully in existence already for 5 years. Therefore we bid you all a cordial welcome who happen to be interested in membership and thus an active work for the Society, no less we greet the enthusiasts feeling to express a moral support, or within the bounds of possibilities offering even a sponsor subsidy.

For any more information please refer to:

E- mail address of our society: pavel.cerny@mail.cz
Phone: +420 608515271
Web address: www.sas.czechian.net
Web address of our virtual museum: svehla.webnode.cz

Mgr. Pavel Černý

Vítejte na stránkách Společnosti Antonína Švehly. Společnost se zabývá pěstováním tradic v rámci působení význačného prvorepublikového státníka za Agrární stranu Antonína Švehly.